If you’re interested in completing an apprenticeship, this page outlines the opportunities that are available with BU, what’s involved, eligibility and how to apply. Alternatively visit our Apprenticeships FAQs page.

If you’re an employer looking into working with apprentices, please visit our employers page.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships allow people to earn qualifications whilst working. They are a fantastic and cost-effective way for individuals to develop occupational knowledge, skills and behaviours, and for employers to upskill their workforce.  

An apprenticeship is a job with training, so all apprentices earn a salary which is at least the national minimum apprenticeship wage, although most employers pay significantly more. Employers of apprentices working more than 30 hours a week must allow them the equivalent of at least 6 paid hours a week to devote to their apprenticeship studies. This is known as your Off-the-Job allowance. 

The apprenticeship costs are paid by your employer through the Apprenticeship Levy without the need for any student loans. 

At ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķ, we currently offer degree-level apprenticeships.¬†

  • Level 5 - equivalent to Foundation Degree¬†
  • Level 6 - equivalent to a Bachelor‚Äôs degree and¬†¬†
  • Level 7 - equivalent to a Master‚Äôs degree¬†

You will learn on the job, through academic lectures and by practising new skills in the workplace. 

Higher level apprentices study part-time at BU with degree apprenticeships usually taking between three and five years to complete.  

Through our , BU apprentices are eligible for free AoA membership. This includes access to a community of other apprentices, assessment advice, free events and more.

End Point Assessment (EPA) 

Once you have completed your apprenticeship training, you will complete an End Point Assessment (EPA). This is a required part of all apprenticeship standards.

Some EPAs will include a professional accreditation, which employers may require for some role.

Health and social care apprenticeships

Engineering apprenticeships

Through a partnership between ≤§¬‹ ”∆Ķ and , two engineering degree apprenticeships are offered.

Business School apprenticeships

How to apply

Before you can apply to BU apprenticeships you need to ensure the following:

  • That your employer is willing to support you in a relevant job role and support all aspects of your apprenticeship
  • You meet all the BU entry requirements for your chosen apprenticeship degree (entry criteria are identified on each¬†apprenticeship course¬†page which you can access on this page).

Please use the links to the relevant apprenticeships that are available on this page to follow the application process. You will go through an internal application process with your employer and have an interview, which will be organised by your employer.