Academic qualifications are certainly an important part of your application to study at university, but this is not the only factor we take into account when assessing applications. We look at each application on an individual basis and offer places based on your potential to succeed on the course you’re applying for.

The other factors we consider when assessing applications are:

  • Any work or other experience you have that is relevant to the course you’re interested in
  • Personal achievements
  • The reference you provide with your application
  • Your personal statement
  • Your passion and enthusiasm for the subject you’re applying to study
  • Independent research and reflection into the subject you are applying for
  • In some cases, we will also invite you to attend an interview. How you perform may have an impact on your application.


Your grades are only part of the picture. AccessBU gives you the chance to tell us more about you and your life experiences if you haven’t had the same educational opportunities as other applicants.

This enables us to identify your potential to succeed that may not always be obvious from your application. If we decide you are eligible for AccessBU, you could be made an offer that is below the published tariff.